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We relate everything back to mindfulness

We are committed to helping busy corporate & business professionals prevent work burnout with our Mindfulness Events and Retreats.

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Health and Wellness Events to Promote Company Productivity Throughout Los Angeles

Bird Infinity Group offers corporate health and wellness events to busy professionals throughout Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. Our 3-5-hour events combine mindfulness training with productivity strategies to provide you with the tools you need for a stress-free workweek. We strive to promote a healthy work-live balance to promote inner fulfilment and centered living.

We pair music and motivational speaking with mindfulness tools to help you recharge your spirit. We break up our sessions with lively entertainment to ensure each participant stays alert, engaged, and open to learn. Our unique take on motivational thinking and empowered learning enable you to reset and recharge so you can conquer life’s challenges with ease.

Building Resilience For The Future

Maintain Work-Life Balance with Our Work Retreats

Rest Can Make

As a seasoned professional, you may struggle to balance your career with the many obligations within your home life. With Bird Infinity Group’s work retreats, we guide you through simple, practical solutions that support a healthy work-life balance. The first step is improving your self-care techniques.

We help you employ practical methods of mindfulness while learning how to prioritize your own self-wroth and agency. We additionally assess and evaluate your current workplace environment to identify opportunities for improvement. We strive to provide every employee with a happier and more fulfilling work experience. By doing this, we prevent work burnout and increase overall productivity. Our services give you the tools to reduce in-office stress and optimize team productivity.

When you book Bird Infinity Group for your work retreat, we take care of all necessary planning, contracting, invites, compliance, and overall event management, so all you need to do is show up. Happiness begins with a clear and positive mindset—we’re here to help you embrace yours. Book our services today for your next corporate event.

When you contract us to host mindful corporate events and meeting organizing services, you will receive the following:

  • Planning and contracting of industry experts/talent
  • Proposal creation with copy and design executed
  • All summary sheets provided to client prior to events
  • Social media and email marketing with guest stages
  • Guest invite and content copy creation
  • Management of registration software for guest list
  • Check-in solutions on day of event
  • Legal compliance for insurance certs and entertainment attorney overseeing agreements
  • Event production services ($75 per hour)