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We relate everything back to mindfulness

We are committed to helping busy corporate & business professionals prevent work burnout with our Mindfulness Events and Retreats.

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Mindfulness Events from Los Angeles to San Diego

At Bird Infinity Group, we use the mind body element to elevate and uplift and create fellowship. If you feel tired and stressed from working long hours or if you don’t have enough time to take care of yourself, we can help. Through mindfulness events, we can help you get mentally fit and achieve your ideal conscious awareness. Our quarterly public events revolve around mindfulness and motivation. Our wellness events are Hawaiian themed and hosted by experts that enlighten and elevate your overall wellbeing.

Aloha The World Is Waiting

We believe more information often becomes a distraction rather than a solution, and high performance remains elusive. Unless you are making the conscious choice to give yourself the "inner tune-up" you need whether by listening to rejuvenating music or practicing merry mindfulness, destressing is hard to accomplish. With our events, even the busiest people can benefit from our pre-designed programs that give way to removing stress and improving vigor.

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Wellness Events to Achieve Happiness and Great Health

We proudly host four large wellness events, open to the general public, each year in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our 3-hour cohesive performances feature globally renowned experts who love to entertain and enlighten audience members. Our events are great for anyone who needs to reboot and have worked marvels for even the busiest professionals.

Performances and events range from theme types and include mindful magic shows, LA’s best DJs, hula dances, Hawaiian Elvis Presley impersonators, yoga, guided meditation with gentle instrumental music and complimentary beverages and dining.

More Mindful Party Info

Example of a mindfulness event program:

Enjoy Hawaiian Pupus, pineapples, positive energy and tropical drinks in a gorgeous floral location while your mindset is elevated and wellbeing upgraded at a mindful serenity party with Aloha.

  • Mindfulness messages and a moving meditation + hands-on yoga demos
  • Motivational keynote speakers
  • Rock-a-hula & Polynesian performance
  • Live music underscoring
  • Luau Hawaiian catering and drinks
  • Giveaway samples of Organic Dulce Vida Tequila and DoTerra Essential Oils
  • 10 + Wellness | Hawaiian | Motivational Raffle prizes with Aloha nui!

Immerse into this nourishing experience and tropical atmosphere and, in turn you will enjoy your relationships more, be highly productive in the workplace and have greater satisfaction with self! We are looking forward to rebooting and supercharging you during your "me time" to last a lifetime.