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We relate everything back to mindfulness

We are committed to helping busy corporate & business professionals prevent work burnout with our Mindfulness Events and Retreats.

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Quarterly Public Wellness Events for Los Angeles County

If work leaves you exhausted and lacking time for self-care, Bird Infinity Group has an exciting offer for you. We host quarterly public wellness events in Los Angeles County. When you and your employees attend our aloha empowerment seminars, you repair your creativity, replenish your mental focus, and restore your enthusiasm.

Aloha The World Is Waiting

We hold three-hour gatherings where you and other attendees relax, laugh, and connect. L.A.’s best DJs set the atmosphere with soothing music. We bring the aloha spirit to you with hula dance shows, an Elvis-inspired performance, and an inspirational magic show. Globally renowned productivity trainers provide enlightening and motivational talks to reinvigorate your workweek. We break up each session with restorative yoga and meditation, and keep you fueled with our organic Hawaiian catering.

We strive to reconnect the mind, body, and spirit in order to effectively meet life’s increasing demands. Our workshops promote stress reduction and overall holistic healing, while providing you with the tools and mindset to make the most of your career.

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A Perfect Employee Retreat

Bird Infinity Group’s employee retreats are more than simply a string of performances. We carefully curate our wellness events with thoughtful messaging, interactive workshops, and enlivening entertainment for you and your team to practice simple strategies of mindful living.

Each event Bird Infinity Group hosts helps attendees reconnect with themselves and their coworkers. By the end of the gathering, our guests return to work feeling sharp, revived, and engaged. You and your team will greet the office on Monday fully prepared to hop each hurdle and appreciate each victory.

Rediscover the joy of your job by attending our quarterly wellness events. Bird Infinity Group gives Los Angeles County’s workforce a brief Hawaiian vacation in their own backyard, and a toolbelt for workplace success. Reserve your seat today and join us at our next event.

More Mindful Party Info

Example of a mindfulness event program:

Enjoy Hawaiian Pupus, pineapples, positive energy and tropical drinks in a gorgeous floral location while your mindset is elevated and wellbeing upgraded at a mindful serenity party with Aloha.

  • Mindfulness messages and a moving meditation + hands-on yoga demos
  • Motivational keynote speakers
  • Rock-a-hula & Polynesian performance
  • Live music underscoring
  • Luau Hawaiian catering and drinks
  • Giveaway samples of Organic Dulce Vida Tequila and DoTerra Essential Oils
  • 10 + Wellness | Hawaiian | Motivational Raffle prizes with Aloha nui!

Immerse into this nourishing experience and tropical atmosphere and, in turn you will enjoy your relationships more, be highly productive in the workplace and have greater satisfaction with self! We are looking forward to rebooting and supercharging you during your "me time" to last a lifetime.