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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction from Los Angeles to Hawaii

The Bird Infinity Group Wellbeing Retreat is more than your standard vacation. When you leave Los Angeles behind on our Hawaiian excursion, you begin a mindfulness-based stress reduction process designed to fortify your mental health long after you return to the mainland. Whether you view this retreat as a means of spiritual enlightenment or a much-needed hiatus, you will return home ready to apply a fresh, energized perspective to life’s inevitable challenges.

As small business owners, we understand the importance of dedication and grit in pursuit of a lofty dream. As mindfulness experts, we know that rest is vital for the longevity of that dream as well as your psychological health. While we design our retreat to help you live in the moment, our goal is to strengthen the mental foundations you need to tackle adversity back at home and achieve your greatest aspirations.

Retreat to Nature 2018

All-Inclusive Get-Away

Bird Infinity Group we understand how unforeseen expenses and scheduling conflicts can sabotage the joys of a highly anticipated vacation—that’s why we plan every detail of your all-inclusive get-away for you. On this eight-day retreat to Oahu and Maui, experience the power of nature as an agent of transformation and restoration. Explore Maui’s oceanic and volcanic territories, enjoy an innovative combination of entertainment and relaxation, and practice mindfulness meditation with the guidance of Maui’s top mentors and masters.

Our package includes Pleasant Hawaiian airfare, hotel and breakfast accommodations, on-island transportation, guided tours, and island excursions.

Caring for others is often easier than caring for yourself, but if you place all your time and energy into your career or loved ones, what will you have left for you? Don’t wait until your burnout point to give your mind what it needs to thrive. Contact us today to begin your therapeutic journey.

Hawaiian Spiritual Retreat Package:

We Are Your Well-Being Compass
  • Flight / Travel via Pleasant Hawaiian
  • Hotel/Unit Stay and Breakfast Accommodations
  • On-island Transportation
  • Guided Tours on Beautiful Lands of Aloha
  • Prepaid excursion activities
  • Meditative aspiring journeys by Maui’s top mentors and masters