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We relate everything back to mindfulness

Dip into serenity on our transformative retreat & return to the mainland
with more balance and higher harmony.

More About Wellbeing Retreats

We relate everything back to mindfulness

Our Hawaiian themed events incorporate mindfulness, after-work life balance, acceleration of life, business, health and well being.

More About Corporate Events

We relate everything back to mindfulness

Music and mindfulness parties with a point to keep you sharp. We are committed to helping busy corporate & business professionals prevent work burnout with our Mindfulness Events and Retreats.

More About Quarterly Public Events

We use the mind body element elevate & uplift creating fellowship

Quarterly Public Events

Our quarterly public events revolve around mindfulness and motivation to help achieve your ideal conscious awareness.

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Corporate Events

We uplift and supercharge your life, health, and well-being through our corporate wellness events.

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Wellbeing Retreats

We combine wellness and entertainment to create an uplifting and engaging feeling of fellowship for our wellness retreats.

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Motivational & Mindfulness Events

Mindfulness and Wellness Event Services in Los Angeles

If you want to improve your health, have a thriving mindset, and create more peace in your life, our wellness programs and events in Los Angeles can help. We host Hawaiian, Motivational & Wellness events for the public, for corporate events, and for those seeking week long retreats.

We have successfully helped clients improve their happiness and stress levels with our curing and connected Hawaiian-style events. We contract exciting entertainers and motivational masters to help you rewire stressful components of life and revive to thrive with our events.

Our Events Calendar

You get the peace of mind

knowing that we take care of everything and all you need to do is show up!

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The Best Event Services Company for Mindfulness and Wellness in LA

Hit the reset button on your mind-body to refresh and rewire your mind, business, health and overall well-being through music, motivational keynotes underscored by DJ’s, and mindfulness with aloha. Our Parties with a Point program is a very special series of electrically empowering motivational and mindful events. This series encompasses the unique combo of musicians, motivational speakers and (science backed) stress-relieving mindfulness you need to reboot your mentality and supercharge your vitality for thrive living in all arenas.

Whether you are feeling worn out from the daily demands of work, tired and stressed from working long hours, or you simply do not have enough time to take care of yourself, our wellness seminars and exciting events will lead you to the peace you deserve. If you are looking for proven motivational and mindful ways to maintain a healthy balance in your life, we are the ones to call.

I have worked with hundreds of event planners and have done well over 3000 Motivational Speeches. Working with Jessica has been a highlight of my professional career. Her dedication to the finer details is very endearing and refreshing. Her commitment in creating an absolutely amazing experience for the audience is just priceless.

Kalani Vale, #1 Peak-Performance Business Trainer for Tony Robbins

She has set a precedent in the events industry by inspiring her guests to cultivate their own positive ways of thinking which propels them forward to living the lives of their dreams. Jessica finds the most amazing speakers, incredible entertainment, and beautiful venues that leave you excited to come to the next event. Jessica is a leader in proving to guests that you can have a great time at an event and still walk away with new ideals, increased strength, unexpected healing and a positive attitude.

Jennifer Kelly, Marketing, Manager of Milestone Brands

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Jessica Bird on her events and spread the Aloha spirit to the mainland. Her concept of creating mindful events that allow people in a busy city to re-charge and focus on connecting with others is pure genius! It's exactly what the world needs at this moment in time. CocoTiki loves Bird Infinity Group!

Malie Fernandez, Owner/Choreographer and Professional Dancer for CocoTiki Entertainment

From the moment I walked in to the event, Jessica hugged me warmly and I felt at home. I especially love the Hawaiian theme, which pointed to feelings of pleasure and relaxation immediately. As the party blossoms, I met people – – men, women and children enjoying themselves in wholesome ways. The combination of entertainment from the Hawaiian dancers, the wonderfully Deejay'd music, laughter, fun participatory activities, and inspiring speakers achieves a rare balance between enjoyment and transformational change. This was brought together while we enjoyed a delicious multicourse sit – down dinner. This is the only event that I've been to where the raffle prizes are so many that several people won twice! Imagine going to a banquet that stimulate your senses and thoughts! At the same time! Where else can you get that? Jessica's parties! Thank you! Happy! More please! (Borrowing from one of my favourite movie titles!)"

Meridith E.

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